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Fluoropolymer Coatings

The demand for fluoropolymer coatings continues to grow in the industry. The strong carbon-fluorine bond found in fluoropolymers gives them excellent resistance to highly acidic and corrosive environments. They can withstand high temperatures, reduce part friction, and increase electrical resistance.

ESP can offer multiple fluorpolymer coatings such as PVDF, ETFE, FEP/PFA, PEEK, and PBI.

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​​ESP offers a number of coatings and finishing services in order to provide our customers with complete solutions. Many of the parts used in semiconductor equipment require additional processing after they have been machined or repaired. We can incorporate these value-added services into our products and manage the entire process. This allows us to deliver turn-key parts and repairs. ESP has partnered with several OEM-approved technology partners ensuring the highest quality coatings and finishing.

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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings provide parts and equipment with an effective barrier to the harsh chemical environments that are created in the process chamber. However, these coatings will eventually be consumed themselves and recoating is required.

ESP can provide high-purity plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings including alumina (Al2O3), yttria (Y2O3), and more.

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Fluorpolymer coatings such as PVDF, ETFE, FEP/PFA, PEEK, and PBI protect parts in highly acidic and corrosive environments
ESP coatings and finishing services for ASM and Varian semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts

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Anodizing process - less contamination and longer life for semifab process equipment (Etch and Deposition)
ESP Ceramic Coatings for AMAT, ASM and other OEMs semiconductor equipment and part manufacturers
Polishing reduces friction, and cleaning time of semiconductor production processes equipment, especially gas delivery systems


Surface roughness is becoming increasingly more important for semiconductor parts and equipment, particularly gas delivery systems. Improved surface roughness lowers byproduct adhesion, reduces friction, and facilitates the cleaning of these systems.

Multiple methods exist including manual polishing, electropolishing, and abrasive flow machining (extrude honing). ESP can help you find the best method for your application.

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Anodizing is an essential process for several parts in semiconductor toolsets. The primary purpose is to create an insulating dielectric layer. However, it can also increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

ESP will ensure your requirements are met including alloy compatibility, anodic type selection (Type I, Type II, Type III), thickness, and color.

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