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Protect expensive precison wafer producton equipment and personnel with custom polycarbonate panels, stainless steel shields and acrylic panels.


The OEM failed to shield several electronic components around the tool with protective panels. The exposed equipment, coupled with very little space between tools, lead to accidental contact when performing maintenance activities on adjacent tools. This accidental contact resulted in mis-processing and product scrap.

rotect personnel and chip manufacturing equipment with polycarbonate breaker panels, stainless electronics shields and flame polished acrylic panels.


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Vigus Electronics Panel


Vigus electronics panels are used on 300mm etch tools. These panels protect various electronic equipment, such as power supplies and controllers, from accidental contact.


ESP developed custom panels to protect the sensitive electronics and prevent further accidental contact. The panels were powder-coated with a color that matched other tool paneling and included panel captive screws.

Case Study 8 – Panels Covers and Shields

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