Carriers serve many purposes in 300mm CMP tools. They are primarily used to load and unloard the wafers on to the platen and hold wafers in a fixed position during the polishing process.


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The OEM part made of anodized aluminum which does not protect the part from harsh chemicals and abrasives used in the CMP process. ESP developed a proprietary fluoropolymer coating for the carrier. This coating process and material reduces cleaning time and effort, and extends the life of the part.



With the help of key technology partners, ESP developed a proprietary fluoropolymer coating for the carrier to protect it from the harsh CMP process environment. This increased the lifetime of the part. Furthermore, the coating drastically reduced the time and effort involved in cleaning the carrier during a PM.


The OEM carrier is made from aluminum and anodized with a Type III hard coat anodization. Unfortunately, the anodized layer does little to protect the part from the aggressive chemistries and abrasives that are used during the process. Thus, the lifetime of the part is severely limited.

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