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Case Study 4 – Coatings and Finishing - Ceramic


ESP developed a turn-key refurbishment process that completely removes the worn ceramic coating and then deposits a new coating. The refurbishment process includes part detailing, re-surfacing (if needed), re-anodization (if needed), and UHV cleaning. This refurbishment has been developed for both alumina and yttria coatings. With this process, ESP has been able to drastically extend part lifetimes and decrease PM costs.

ESP created a turnkey refurishment process to put a new ceramic coating, which is consumed by the etch plasma gases, on the upper electrode in a 200 mm etch tool. This method extends part lifetimes and decreases Preventive Maintenance costs.

Upper Electrode


The upper electrode is used in the process chamber of a 200mm etch tool. It acts as a gas distribution plate, which distributes and delivers process gases evenly within the chamber and across the wafer. These gases will be used to create the etch plasma.



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Due to the aggressive nature of etch plasmas, the ceramic coating on the upper electrode is eventually consumed and the entire part must be removed from service.