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The OEM platen shield support consists of a rubber bellows bonded to an upper and lower flange. Unfortunately, the rubber bellows is damaged or degrades over time and must be replaced. This results in unnecessary PM costs.

Platen Shield Support


Platen shield supports are used in 300mm CMP tools. Three supports are used to hold a shield around the platen. The shield prevents excess slurry, as well as other materials, from spraying off of the platen as it rotates during polishing.

Case Study 6 – Non-consumable Parts

The rubber bellows that support the OEM platen on 300mm CMP tools must be replaced regularly. ESP developed a modified planten with no rubber bellows. This improvement to the OEM part reduces unnecessary PM time and saves thousands of dollars.


ESP developed a modified platen shield support complete with upper and lower FKM gaskets. The design completely removed the rubber bellows from the support, eliminating the failure mechanism. The end result is a cost savings of thousands of dollars.