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The OEM spray bar clamps are machined from an engineering plastic known as polyether ether ketone (PEEK). PEEK is not compatible with some of the process chemicals that these clamps are exposed to. This resulted in premature failure and frequent replacement.

Spray Bar Clamp


Spray bar clamps are used to secure tubing inside the brush box of a 300mm CMP tool. Once the wafer is polished, it is transported to the brush box where residual slurry and chemicals are removed from the surface.

The OEM spray bar clamp is machined from Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) engineering plastic which which is not compatible with some process chemicals.  ESP machined a replacement part made of a plastic that can withstand the chemicals.  The new part greatly increased part lifetime and reduced PM time and cost.

Case Study 2 – Alternative Material


ESP machined the spray bar clamps from a different engineering plastic that is far more resilient to the chemicals in the customer’s process. The new clamps drastically improved part lifetimes and PM costs.