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ESP offers refurbishment services for polyimide ESCs. This type of ESC is common in etch and implant toolsets. Our approach is straightforward. We completely replace the polyimide stack of the ESC, which allows us to accurately control the process and yields excellent, repeatable results.​​​

​Our refurbishment process includes the following:
  -  Completely removing the polyimide stack.
  -  Testing the underlying anodized pedestal.
  -  Applying a new polyimide stack.
  -  Testing (chucking voltage, leakage current, sliding, etc.).​
  -  Cleaning​​​.

ESP also refurbishes ceramic ESCs that are found in CVD chambers. Our process is highly successful because we resurface the ceramic plate and regenerate the dimples every time.

Our refurbishment process includes the following:

 - A full inspection of the unit.

 - Disassembly and de-bonding.

 - Ceramic plate resurfacing and dimple regeneration.

 - RF post replacement.

 - Assembly and re-bonding.

 - Testing (chucking voltage, backside helium leakage, surface roughness, dimple height, etc.)

 - Cleaning.

All refurbishments come with full certifications and warranties.

ESP repairs and refurbs heaters, pedestals, and escs for ASML, Kokusai and FSI Semiconductor equipment companies


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Heater Refurbishments

Heaters serve many purposes inside the process chamber. Not only do they support and hold the wafer, but they are used to transfer heat to or from the wafer during processing. By controlling the wafer temperature, the properties of the deposited films can be controlled to tighter specifications with increased repeatability.

​​ESP can repair and refurbish several different types of heaters, pedestals, and escs used in 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm semiconductor equipment. we utilize our advanced equipment and vast industry knowledge to create standardized processes that produce excellent refurbishments every time. We can provide quality refurbishments that will drastically reduce your pm costs.

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CVD AMAT DxZ high temperature heater refurbishment
PVD AMAT B101 heater refurbishment

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ESC Refurbishments

Electrostatic chucks (ESCs) are used to clamp the wafer in the process chamber without contacting the top surface of the wafer. This minimizes defects on the product. It also allows the process to use backside gas, which promotes heat transfer to and from the wafer.


ESP offers refurbishment services for several styles of heaters commonly used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. We can refurbish stainless steel and ceramic physical vapor deposition (PVD) heaters and aluminum and ceramic chemical vapor deposition (CVD) heaters. Our goal is to bring the part back to its original condition while minimizing the resurfacing process. This allows a heater to be refurbished multiple times while still maintaining the correct wafer surface profiles and finishes.​​​

​Our refurbishment process includes the following:
  -  A full inspection of the heater.
  -  Bellows, heating element, T/C, and wire replacement.
  -  Surface polishing.
  -  Testing (vacuum, resistivity, flatness, temperature, etc.).​
  -  Cleaning​​​.

All refurbishments come with full certifications and warranties.