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​​​​ESP offers repair and refurbishment services for a multitude of mechanical assemblies used in semiconductor equipment. These components play a crucial role in reliable equipment operation and successful production of integrated circuits (ICs). We continue to expand our capabilities to offer our customers tens of thousands of dollars in cost reduction.

Lift Refurbishments

ESP refurbishes several types of lift assemblies for a wide variety of toolsets. Our process includes a full inspection, disassembly, actuator rebuild, critical cleaning of bellows and other components, cleaning or replacement of hardware (bearings, lead screws, screws, washers, etc.), cleaning or replacement of electronics and wiring harnesses, assembly, and testing.

ESP offers Lift Refurbishments to a wide variety of AMAT and FSI wafer fab equipment Toolsets
ESP provides flow & pressure device refurbishments for SEMES and Novellus semiconductor processing equipment
ESP offers BELLOWS REFURBISHMENTS to Semiconductor Industry equipment from VAT, Ebara, FSI and other OEMs
ESP VALVE REFURBISHMENTS to ASM and Varian semiconductor process equipment for performance improvement.

Flow & Pressure Device Refurbishments

ESP provides refurbishment services for flow and pressure devices including manometers, baratrons, mass flow controllers, liquid injectors, and more. These devices require frequent maintenance due to their constant exposure to gaseous and liquid chemicals. Our process includes the replacement of seals, bearings, boards, sensors, and heaters. It also includes the cleaning of all wetted surfaces, calibration, and testing.


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ESP repairs and refurbishes mechanical assemblies in AMAT, Tokyo Electron and Varian Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Bellows Refurbishments

ESP offers repair services for a number of different bellows used throughout the industry. Bellows refurbishments are usually much less expensive than bellows replacement. Our process consists of refinishing the existing flanges, replacing the convolutions, and testing. In some cases, bellows may be out of specification or so extensively damaged that they cannot be repairs. In these situations, ESP can provide new replacement bellows.

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Valve Refurbishments

ESP can refurbish many different types of valves including slit valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, throttle valves, isolation valves, and more. Our processes, which can be customized to meet our customer's requirements, include a full incoming inspection, disassembly, actuator rebuild, critical cleaning of wetted surfaces and components, seal replacement, assembly, and testing. Our refurbishments have shown improved defect performance over standard in-house refurbishments.