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Esp spare parts modifications to smc, vat and amat for semiconductor equipment parts performance improvement


Part Redesign

Many performance enhancements are the result of simple changes in the design of the part. We can make almost any modification you desire such as adding or removing features, altering dimensions, or improving surface roughness. ESP can make these modifications to your existing parts or machine new parts with the specified changes.

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Manufacturing Method

Changing the manufacturing method can also lead to performance improvements, as well as cost reduction. Slight adjustments in the machining process can yield great benefits. Furthermore, numerous manufacturing methods exist today, each of which has its own advantages. ESP can find the best method for your application.

Case Study

Esp offers part redesign for amat, Kokusai and SEMES in semiconductor process equipment

Alternative Materials

Using alternative materials is another way to enhance the performance of your spares. Crucial characteristics of the part including chemical resistance, thermal resistance, electrical resistance, and wear resistance can be improved simply by altering the filler in the matrix material. Our engineers can help you investigate alternative materials.

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ESP uses alternative materials for vat, smc and strausbaugh semiconductor companies to enhance spare parts performance
ESP part manufacturing method for AMAT, SEMES and OEM’s semiconductor companies

​​​ESP can easily incorporate requested modifications into your spare parts and consumables. Improvements can be realized through simple redesigns, the use of alternative materials, or changing the manufacturing method. ESP can help you improve the performance of your spares by seamlessly implementing effective modifications.